Robo #1 is available!

After a 23 day campaign, Robo #1 has achieved 130% funding.  I’m very thankful to the friends, collaborators, and new names who helped make this possible.  The funds go towards printing as well as to further the series going forward.

Speaking of printing, the order for physical printings of Robo #1 went out today and should be shipped next week.  This means that the digital copies will soon find their way to backers as well!

Press-ing forward

Reward fulfillment is the top priority right now to make sure that everyone who backed the campaign feels the love and can enjoy the comic.  But there are several other things to do to help Robo reach the world.  In the coming days I will be looking into methods to make physical copies available as well as putting digital copies online in various marketplaces.


And let’s not forget Robo #2!  Interior artwork for the second issue is already complete!  You’ll want to check out Robo #2 if you’re interested in more detail on Brain Giggers and Sunbursts’ other technology products in the world of NeuChicago.


Because this was my first crowdfunding campaign, I will be making sure I get everything right on the first one before starting a second.  Until then, I always want to hear the feedback you have on the comic when your copy reaches you.

Printers preview tool flipped through Robo #1