The Write Stuff

Starting with an idea.


Moosecat Comics is an independent comics imprint created by Jesse Keppler.  Our first comic series Robo is launching in the fall of 2020 first via Kickstarter and later available digitally across multiple platforms.

The mascot Moose is a slavedriver, and though she contributes no art, no writing, and no editing, she is a motivator and makes sure that deadlines (for food) are met.

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The Talent

Collaborators for Robo #1


Writer & Creator Jesse Keppler, lifelong comics fan and sci fi enthusiast.  Jesse has wanted to create worlds and share them since childhood.  He’s made comics and characters since before he was 10 years old and has always striven to improve as a storyteller.

Artist Philip Appley, graduate of the Kubert School has worked hard to become a comics artist and grow his experience.  He lives in China with his wife, also a comics creator, and two very loud dogs.  Phil appreciates the finer details and notices things most people wouldn’t.  A valuable skill for artists indeed.

Letterer Marco Della Verde, is an experienced hand at the word balloon and sfx.  Living in Italy and providing lots of helpful knowledge from his time working with other publishers.  Marco helps bring the script to life and keeps us grounded.