Get Ready for Robo #2

Second Cybernetic Issue

Lets hear about those rewards!
  • Robo #2 Print & Digital!
  • Robo Stickers!
  • NeuChicago Postcards!
  • Signed Comics!
  • And More!

Robo #2 Kickstarter coming Feb 22nd

Find the campaign here:

Rewards for Robo #1 have been sent and hopefully everyone’s had a chance to enjoy the comic.  And that means it’s time for a new chapter of the story!  Coming on February 22nd, Robo #2 will be launching via Kickstarter!

Action packed second issue!

I’m very excited to bring you the second installment of Robo!  This issue features a new and unexpected threat to NeuChicago, a journey into Robo’s past, and more information about the have-nots of the future.

Outside the pages, I’ve been trying to add some exciting bonus material to this issue.  Starting with some really cool designs for the Robo Sticker Pack!  Robo postcards are also back, and anyone who missed the first Kickstarter can pick up a copy of the first issue as well.  Finally, I’ve got a few extra surprises to add to the campaign as time goes on!



Robo #2
Cover Image

You!  Reading this!  Check out the Kickstarter!

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