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In a future where society has broken down and reformed itself, corporations have replaced governments, robots have replaced human labor and even the human mind is commoditized. NeuChicago is home to Robo, Public Outreach and Defense Liaison of Sunburst Inc, a defense and weapons technology company based there.

Robo is a story about the conflict of what’s expected of you by others and your own path in life. In a world of robotic drones, networked brain implants, technological terrorism, corporate espionage, and desperate people, Charles tries to balance his desire to be a hero for the people with his job for a company that only seeks order to do their business.
Robo demonstrates the powerful soldier drones of Sunburst Technologies away from NeuChicago, but trouble is brewing back home. Set up for an ambush, a new dangerous power exposes some of the weaknesses of the systems of NeuChicago's society and technology. Can Robo and Psiode save the city before all is lost?

This issue dives deeper into the lives and struggles of citizens who rent their brain power to corporations called Brain Giggers. The amazing technology of the future may not be all it's cracked up to be.
With the Robo armor damaged, Charles ventures out for a night on the town. But Sunburst becomes the victim of corporate espionage. The hunt to find out more leads Charles to discover something terrifying being built beneath the city.

This issue focuses on the social strata and different lifestyles in the corporate controlled world of NeuChicago. This is a world where Have and Have-not applies to basic human rights as much as property.
Protests are growing in NeuChicago. Charles races against time to save Shujaa's life, only to make some hard decisions along the way. Rachel Cross grieves for an old lover. And we learn of a shameful secret that haunts the Robo project!

This issue shows us the origins of several important Sunburst projects as well as the darker sides of those who live a "privileged life" in NeuChicago's corporate upper class.
Protests flare as Circuit is awakened from beneath NeuChicago. Robo must finally save the city from this technological horror that threatens everyone. Action and battle overtake the city and thousands of lives are at risk!

This issue shows us what really matters to the corporations. As Robo has a chance to prove that he's the hero he wants to be, we see the collateral damage of Sunburst's actions.