Enter into a New Cyberpunk World with Robo #1

Who is Robo?

In a future where society has broken down and reformed itself, corporations have replaced governments, robots have replaced human labor and even the human mind is commoditized. NeuChicago is home to Robo, Public Outreach and Defense Liaison of Sunburst Technologies, a defense and weapons technology company based there.

Robo is armored and outfitted with the best Sunburst has to offer. His actual armor, hand mounted plasma beam, jump jets for flight, and enhanced exo-skeletal strength. Beneath the armor is Charles Centon, employee of Sunburst and optimistic champion for the good of the people. While the company views Robo’s job to be making them look good, Charles views his job as protecting the city and its people.

Robo #1 will be available in October 2020

Robo is a story about the conflict of what’s expected of you by others and your own path in life. In a world of robotic drones, networked brain implants, technological terrorism, corporate espionage, and desperate people, Charles tries to balance his desire to be a hero for the people with his job for a company that only seeks order to do their business.

A New Cyberpunk World

Life in NeuChicago has fallen into an informal caste system of haves and have-nots. Those who are Shareholders of major corporations enjoy benefits and rights above the “Draggers” who are seen as dragging down society by their poverty or misfortune. Those who try to improve their position in life often turn to short term contracts which sell their brainpower to perform computational tasks called “Brain Gigs“. But giving up control of your brain for on-demand tasks has many drawbacks.

Through this, Robo is drawn into a search for a bizarre and inhuman being, who has been pursuing its own agenda unbothered by the human world around it. It’s stealing technology and building something, but what?