About Us

The Write Stuff

Psiode Moosecat Comics is an independent comics imprint created by Jesse Keppler. Our first comic series Robo is launching in the fall of 2020 first via Kickstarter and later available digitally across multiple platforms.

The mascot Moose is a slavedriver, and though she contributes no art, no writing, and no editing, she is a motivator and makes sure that deadlines (for food) are met.

The Talent

I'm Jesse Keppler the writer and creator of Robo. I've always loved telling stories, I've always loved creating worlds, and I've always loved technology. Robo is a character from my childhood that helped me discover my love for storytelling and my love for comics. In 2020, I took the plunge into creating indie comics and I guess you could say I'm hooked! Writing, lettering, producing, publishing, and promoting comics is a lot of work but I've been enjoying the journey along the way.

Renzo Podesta, longtime professional comics artist, hailing from Argentina. Renzo's artwork is full of drama and character and he'll bring a lot of depth to the book as the story progresses. His work on El Aneurisma Del Chico Punk won the 2019 Carlos Trillo award. He's been published by Image Comics for 27 with Charles Soule. His work philosophy is featured in the Cartoonist's Workbook. He's founded the Le Noise label in 2016. He's recently worked on Ichabod Jones, Wormboy, JOM, and Oil of Dog through 2019 and 2020.