Christmas and the Web Store

With Christmas in the bag, it's time to get back to work on the comic. The website store has been updated and I'm ready to start working on Robo #6.

Will AI Artwork Destroy Comics? My Hot Take.

My guess about where AI artwork will go in comics.

State of Robo November 2022

What's the state of the comic as of November 2022? What's happening in the near future?

The Robo #4 Kickstarter is Underway!

The fourth issue of Robo is ready to release and the Kickstarter is live and nearly funded. Backers can get all four issues or just the latest one as well as popular extras through the campaign.

The new website platform...

I've migrated the site to a much faster blogging platform which is easier for me to maintain, but it will look a bit sparse while I fill it with content.

Enter into a New Cyberpunk World with Robo #1

Robo is a story about the conflict of what’s expected of you by others and your own path in life.