The new website platform...

Welcome to the new, simpler version of The old website was slow for both users and administrators and lead to me not updating it basically at all in 2021. While the state of the internet revolves much more around social media than individual websites, I still thought it would be nice to have a permanent place to post static content and more permanent long form thoughts and information.

Hold your applause

If you're interested in this sort of thing, the new website uses a static content generator called Pelican. It's an extremely simple and stable way for me to publish my thoughts here on the blog. Writing content in Markdown is another benefit, as it's something I use often in my day job and on other social media sites (Reddit, Github, Discord). There is a small learning curve for me to use more complex Markdown, but hopefully that will not impact your reading too much.

I hope that this format will give me more of an opportunity to share longer thoughts about comic books and the process of making comics. It will also give me a permanent home to house links and content that might be lost on Twitter's stream. So if you're a new or aspiring Robo reader, this site will hopefully become a better place to catch up on the history of the comic book.

Shareholder Value

I've designed many a website from the ground up in my years sitting at a desk, but this very simplistic design will work for now as I slowly embelish and learn the templating format.

On a personal note, my website back in the early 2000s worked in a very similar method to Pelican's static generation and prooved to be the easiest way for me to keep that site updated as well. It's funny how old ideas come back around, or maybe how things that work continue to work for us after all.

A lot of words to say, welcome to the new website. I will be adding features and content as much as possible without disrupting my work on the comic. Thanks for stopping by!

-Jesse Keppler