The Robo #4 Kickstarter is Underway!

Robo #4 Ready to Release!

The fourth issue of Robo is ready to release and that means it's time for another Kickstarter campaign. The last campaign was a major success and I hope that this one can be as well. I'm bringing back popular rewards from previous campaigns as well as some new stickers and a fridge magnet. But the campaign is really about the comic!

In Issue #4: Protests are growing in NeuChicago. Charles races against time to save Shujaa's life, only to make some hard decisions along the way. Rachel Cross grieves for an old lover. And we learn of a shameful secret that haunts the Robo project!

This issue puts important pieces in place for this arc of the story and builds towards the action that is yet to come. I'm very excited about both the art and the story here and I hope that returning readers will find this to be an exciting chapter. Renzo has done amazing work with the art and fit so much into the atmosphere and the buildup here.

Here are just a few panels to get you as excited as I am:

There's more, including full pages over at the campaign page. Check it out, and if you like what you see, back it. We're close to the goal already!